The island was inhabited during the Late Paleolithic Era after 20,300 years from now living in Jinan near Limenaria the first miners ocher Europe .
During this period of Paleolithic hunters Thassos is still attached to the opposite shore. Island will be around 10000 BC
During the Neolithic Era to Thassos 5500 BC former hunters and gatherers inhabitants are farmers , ranchers and fishermen , and create the first facilities located throughout the island ( Limenaria Castri Theologian ancient citadel in Limenas Thassos , Marion cave , cave Drakotrypa Lady ) .
New settlements occur both during the Bronze Age 3000 BC (Skala Savior, St. Anthony Bars , St. John Luke , Theologian urn ) , and during the Iron Age starting in 1100 BC
Herodotus visited the island and informed him of the presence of the Phoenicians who exploited the gold mines of Kinira .
Something that fits perfectly with the myth of the abduction of Europa by Zeus in Phoenicia and search of her brothers Cadmus and Thasos, which the second came from Tyre to Thassos and so took the name of the island .
Come before the first Greek settlers from Paros island of Thassos Thracians lived .
The 7th century an oracle of Delphi leads rogue led by Telesikli Thassos , commanding them to build a city to ” appear from everywhere .”
With loads of settlers from Paros island arrives at the great lyric poet Archilochus , who by Odysseus Elytis , is the first European poet who turned to poetry in the inner man , the “here ” to “now” and the human personality apotinassontas the yoke of divine myth and heroic acts. So , thanks to Archilochus , Thassos was the hospital of modern poetry in the world .
The new city , which was soon acquired wealth and power. She founded colonies on the coasts of Macedonia and Thrace .
The Neapolis (modern Kavala ) , Galipsos , the Oisymi , Strymi , Apollonia , the Antisara the Akontisma , the site of Pistiros the Daton the Topiros the Hammers Matter and Krinídhes ( Philippi ) are a network of colonies Thassos.
From the very 6th BC century , Thassos produced high quality projects in architecture , sculpture , painted pottery and small scale , while at the same time shows the first issues of coins .
In the 5th century BC after the Persian Wars Thassians join the Delian League under the leadership of Athens.

During this period the live Polinikis Theogenis (or Theagenes ) son Timoxenous , which according to Pausanias won wreaths 1400 , at Olympia , the Pythian , the Nemean , in boxing and pankration .

The Polygnotus painter who painted the Stoa in Athens, Club Knidians Delphi , the Prytaneum to Buy Thassos by Aristotle characterized as ” good ethnography ” and, from the younger art historians considered the father of modern painting because the expression that was first attributed by him to persons manages to reveal the character and mood.
In the same century the comic poet and actor Igimon or Hegemon invented the parody as a separate literary genre .
In the 5th century BC, also lived in the Faroe Thasos , who was the teacher of the Zefxidos of this great painter of antiquity , painters Aglaofon , Aristofon Pythagoras and the sculptors , Polykleitos and Sosicles , as well as known in his time , sophist and rhetorician Stisimvrotos who taught in Athens Homeric epics .
Hippocrates, the father of medicine , lived three years in Thassos , where he wrote the first book of the ” epidemic” of . Study the climate , herbs and symptoms of an epidemic .
During the Peloponnesian War ( 424 BC ) the historian Thucydides began with seven triremes from Thassos to defend Amphipolis who besieged the Spartans , but arrived late , when the city had fallen .
Thucydides to avoid punishment resorted to a colony of Thasos Tiller Matter, where he had estates and there wrote the “story” of .
The long list of great Thasians seniority and influential men who lived on the island complement Androsthenes naturalist , who accompanied Alexander the Great in his campaign , after he was appointed commander of the large address shipyards Thassos. The Androsthenes sailed with Nearchus the Indian ocean and wrote the book “On the Indian misleading .”
The Thassios Philiscus wrote the “About bees ,” the Anaxipolis the ” Pest ” means the charitable “On rural life ,” the physicist Thrasthalkis explored the sources of the Nile , the Avitan , friend of Plutarch etc.
The number of exhibits in the Archaeological Museum of Thassos , with inscriptions , coins, sculptures masterpieces , ceramics , narrate , along with literary sources , the long history of the island .
The archaeological sites of the city-state with the surviving walls , the citadel , the market , the theater , the Odeon , the sacred and the two ports indicate the existence of a well-governed , strong political, economic and military state .
In the 5th century BC, according to Herodotus , the income of Thassos reaches 300 talents . We can understand what this number if you compare it with the income of Athens, in its heyday reached 600 talents .
Famous was the ” Thassios wine ‘ all over the known world . The witness countless inscriptions on amphorae mouths .
He has been praised in Aristophanes ‘ Lysistrata ‘and’ Ecclesiazusae ” Menander , Thucydides , Lucian , Demosthenes , Plutarch , Xenophon , Pliny , the Athenian, Virgil , Cleopatra .
The senior law ( of 480-470 BC ) that regulates trade and the quality of the wine is exposed engraved inscription in the archaeological museum of the island , demonstrating the high level of organization of ” city -state.”

In 338 BC Philip II conquered the island . Thassos participates in conference of Corinth , appointed Philip leader of the Greeks in the campaign against the Persians .
With a fleet and troops involved in the campaign of Alexander the Great and after his death ( 323 BC ) are subject to Lysimarcho in 287 BC
Since 148 BC Thasos owned by the Roman Empire , but 21 BC Emperor Octavius ​​granted the island ‘s autonomy and the right to mint its own currency.
In 323 AD Constantine the Great founded the Eastern Roman Empire and in 330 AD Constantinople became the capital of .
The island is part of until 1225 bishopric .
In 325 AD the Council of Nicaea participate Bishop Thassos Aristarchus while the 431 dies on the island heretical bishop Nestorius .
In 456 AD the Council of Chalcedon participate Bishop Honorius Thassos .
From the 7th century intensifies raids on the island , until 961 AD , when Nikiforos Fokas crashes Saracens .
1204 begins with the Frankish conquest of Constantinople . The Venetians occupied the island .
In 1261 Michael VIII Palaeologus reoccupies Istanbul and Thassos passed to the Byzantines .
From then until the fall Byzantines and Venetians are alternately myriad of island past the Genoese Gatilouzi .
In 1455 occupied by the Ottomans . These grant Thassos internal government which is exercised by local elders , and applies the legal code ” ByzantineHexabiblos law book ” of ARMENOPOULOU .
In 1813 Thassos granted by Sultan Mehmet Ali in the vizier of Egypt , as a reward for the services offered in the recapture of Mecca , who held the Arab tribe of Vachaviton since 1811 .
In 1821 Thassians rebel led by notables of the Theologian , the Gay , Xatzigiorgi .
In 1902 the island was returned to the Sultan until 18 October 1912 when the Greek fleet releases the island from the Turkish yoke.
Since then Thassians were present in all the races of the Nation .

(Source: en.wikipedia.org)



Thasos island is located in the northern Aegean sea approximately 7 km (4 mi) from the northern mainland and 20 kilometres (12 miles) south-east of Kavala, and is of generally rounded shape, without deep bays or significant peninsulas. The terrain is mountainous but not particularly rugged, rising gradually from coast to centre. The highest peak is Ypsario (Ipsario), at 1,205 metres (3,953 feet), somewhat east of centre. Pine forest covers much of the island’s eastern slopes.

Historically, the island’s population was chiefly engaged in agriculture and stockbreeding, and established villages inland, some of them connected via stairways (known as skalas) to harbors at the shore. The local population gradually migrated towards these shoreline settlements as tourism began to develop as an important source of income. Thus, there are several “paired villages” such as Marion–Skala Maries, with the former inland and the latter on the coast.




The island of Thassos is located in the northern Aegean. Thassos covers an area of ​​393 square kilometers and a circumference of about 100km. It has a rich vegetation of pine trees, firs, oaks, cedars, laurels, skina, bonito, koukoudies. The island’s population is about 18,000 people. The inhabitants engage in the cultivation of olive trees and vineyards, farming, fishing, beekeeping, tourism and the mining of marble.

The inhabitants engage in the cultivation of olive trees and vineyards, farming, fishing, beekeeping, tourism and the mining of marble. Olive trees, Walnut trees, Pear trees, Fig trees, Almond trees, Chestnut trees and Vines are cultivated all around the island. Equally rich is the vegetation of aromatic herbs, such as oregano, lavender, lemongrass, the alisfakia ( sage ), thyme and local tea herbs.


cultureManners and customs testify concerns of people like these formed over the years .

All year round, theatre performances, festivities and fairs, revivals of customs, concerts and other cultural events are held all over the island.

  • Carnival events (Panagia- Potamia- Kallirachi- Rachoni and Limenaria)
  • Gia vrex’ Aprili m’(Do rain, my April, on the second Day of Easter – Limenaria)
  • Κazavitiana – Cultural events and concerts in Mikro Kazaviti (in July and August)
  • Anavrochiaris (prayers for rain and celebrations so that the locals have a good harvest, on the 31st of July – Potamia)
  • The Burning of Judas’ Effigy (on the night of Easter – Panagia)
  • Revival of a Thassian Wedding (in August in Theologos)
  • Nautical Evening (in July in Kallirachi)
  • Folklore Dance Festival (during the first ten days of August in Kallirachi)
  • Foties tou Avgoustou (Fires of August, in Kalyvia of Limenaria)
  • Mountain bike cup and “Tour of Thassos” road race (95 km)

During the summer months, on the occasion of Thassos Festival, many performances are staged at the Ancient Theatre of Limenas.

Moreover, concerts, poetry nights, painting and sculpture exhibitions are hosted in Kalogeriko of Limenas, in the Warehouses of Metallia in Limenaria, at the Folklore Art Museum of Kallirachi, as well as in other significant places, virtually in all villages of the island.

(Sources: Kavala’s Regional Entity)