Dear Thassos visitor,

Welcome to Thassos, where legend wants it to be the Homeric island of sirens, not unfairly as it has always captivated and charmed the travelers that approach it.

According to mythology, this island enchanted Thassos, the brother of Europe during his enquiry of his sister who was kidnapped by Jeus and made him forget his pain capturing him with its beauty.

Today Thassos attracts thousands of tourists around the world who visit for holidays every year.

Golden beaches, blond coves, picturesque bays, crystal blue waters, olive groves, shady forests, cliffs, rivers and small waterfalls make up the palette of nature.

Prehistoric and historic sites, archaeological sites of exceptional importance, basilicas, monasteries, churches, carved temples, mountain villages with their traditional architecture, invite history friendly visitors on an exciting journey into the past.

Modern touristic facilities will endeavor even the most demanding and satisfy all ages and budgets. You can choose among alternative forms of tourism, enjoy the tranquility the nature of the island offers you and the cosmopolitan atmosphere of the night.

The Archaeological Museum of Thassos, one of the most remarkable regional museums in the country, the museum of Polygnostou Vagi who was one of the most important sculptors of the 20th century, the Festival of Philippi – Thassos in the ancient theater of the island, festivals and folklore events will offer you Mystagogical thrills. Honey, extra virgin olive oil, the savory, fresh fish and Thassian lamb will be offered at the fabulous taverns and restaurants on the island.

The smell of pine, of thyme and saltiness will follow you on your journey back. All these exciting memories will make Thassos your own Homeric siren calling you to disembark on the island of your own myth, abandoning the ship of reality. Release yourself by releasing your senses. See, hear, smell, taste, touch Thassos island.
And then, when your heart is open to its miracle Thasos of love, of romance and of secret paths will reveal.

Kostas Chatziemmanouil