Traditionally the islanders involved since ancient times to farm work. The wooded land with lush vegetation, home to the patient farmers and beekeepers and offer shelter to herds of livestock, thus generating the raw material for the production of traditional products of the island.

The contribution of forest land in forage material ( grass , bushes , leaves ) is significant , producing around 5,000 tons annually. About 20,000 sheep grazed for nine months in these areas .

The products offered lot. If however you want to try local goat and lamb Thassos you can do in taverns and restaurants of mountain settlements as in Kazabiti , the Virgin, the theologian and Maries Thassos. In any case, because the output is small to meet the huge demand you can contact local breeders.



(pickled cabbage and peppers)

For the pickles you will need:

2 kg of green cabbage

1 kg of vinegar

½ kg of salt

1 teaspoonful of citric acid

For the beans

½ sachet of beans (soaked for ten hours)

1 onion

1 teacup of vegetable or olive oil

300 gr. of pickles

Chop the cabbage finely and leave it indoors covered with a towel for two days, so that it is dehydrated. Then rinse thoroughly, add salt, pour with the vinegar and the citric acid, and keep it in a tightly closed jar. The pickles are ready after a week.

Cook the beans with the onion and the olive oil. Then, add the pickles and cook for 45 minutes more.


(Octopus Balls)

1 kg of octopus

1 grated onion

2 eggs

1 bundle of parsley

1 bundle of dill, finely chiselled

a little mint

salt, pepper

500 gr. of soaked bread

Boil the octopus until it absorbs all its liquids. If it has not softened add a little more water and continue boiling.

Afterwards, finely chop the food or grind it in a mincer or a similar utensil.

Then, add all other ingredients and knead until you get a mix, similar to that of mincemeat. Shape the mix into small balls and pan-fry in hot olive oil.


(Zucchini Balls)

(Tiganitoudia or Ptaroudia)

20-30 zucchini flowers

1 zucchini

1 onion, grated

1 bundle of parsley

1 bundle of mint

1 egg

a little grated cheese

salt, pepper


Grate the zucchini, finely cut the zucchini flowers, chisel the mint and the parsley and mix together with the rest of the ingredients. Add some flower, to get a mush of medium consistence (neither too thick, nor too weak). Heat the oil, gradually take spoonfuls of the material and pour them into the boiling oil. When the balls take a golden brown colour, put them on a platter covered with kitchen towel, so that excess oil is absorbed. They can be consumed either hot or cold. For an unforgettable palatable experience, accompany them with ouzo.


Ingredients for the fillo pastry

1 kg of flour

2 tablespoonfuls of bacon

1 tablespoonfuls of vegetable butter

½ cup of oil

Ingredients for the syrup

3 glasses of sugar

½ glass of honey

3 ½ glasses of water

2 packs of vanillin

Grated walnuts and cumin for topping, vegetable oil for spreadimg on the fillo pastry

Knead all the ingredients together, so as to obtain a soft pastry.

Roll out the pastry into large fillo, then cut them alongside into shreds. Place each shred in a greased baking tray after straining the excess oil. Repeat the procedure with all the shreds. Pour some more oil over the fillo, so that they become crunchy when baked. Bake in an oven bake at a medium temperature (180 ºC) for forty five minutes, until they take a golden brown colour. Then, pour the boiling syrup over the hot fillo.  Top with the grated walnuts and the cumin.

(Sources: Kavala’s Regional Entity)